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Divorce is like a storm. It can come unexpectedly and smashes things in its path. The life you thought you had before is unrecognizable. It feels like it's crumbling around you.

Ultimately, it's an emotionally draining experience that can make anyone feel powerless. More than anything, Attorney Toby Kinsler believes in taking clients and building up their sense of self-worth.

In the face of tough legal matters, nothing is more important than understanding the importance of your needs.

Before he was a lawyer, Toby worked as a classroom teacher and a business leader - experiences he uses to help his clients.

When in the classroom, it was his job to find solutions to critical issues with no easy answers. People don't learn when knowledge is forced on them but come to a solution through analysis and consensus. Therefore, he takes the same approach to his client's problems in the courtroom. If possible, both sides have to understand what's at stake.

Negotiating deals and managing complex logistics problems are part of daily existence as an entrepreneur. Toby worked founding startups and negotiating multi-million dollar transactions. In Family Law cases involving large estates and complicated laws - Toby feels right at home.

Family Law is a unique combination of head and heart - and Toby's background has prepared him for both. Every advantage Toby's past has given him, he puts to work for his clients.

One word you can apply to Toby: competitive. Hiring him means knowing he's giving 100% for the whole case. In divorce cases, things can get tough, complicated, and drawn out - but Toby will never back down.

One thing he'll never do is work in half-measures. Every ounce of his passion is poured into his work in Family Law.

This love of his job comes from his life outside of it. Toby's true passion is family and community. He is happily married to his wife, Jennell, and the father of three active hockey players: Jackson, Easton, and Hudson. When he finds spare time away from being a father and a lawyer, he coaches Team Wisconsin hockey as well as Monona Grove high school hockey.

To better his community, Toby also serves on several non-profit board positions and strives to develop sustainable, municipally-owned sports facilities to underdeveloped communities.

Practice Area
and Position

Practice Areas:


Child Custody

Spousal Maintenance



Primary Location:

Madison, WI


Marquette University Law School

Doctor of Jurisprudence

Middlebury College

Master of Arts

Lawrence University

Bachelor of Arts

Bar Membership

State Bar of Wisconsin
Admitted in 2015

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2810 Crossroads Drive, #3100
Madison, WI 53718

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